“The Drama Years”

Here’s an article about Haley Kilpatrick’s new book, “The Drama Years,” about the challenges of being a middle school aged girl.

Why is tweenhood so fraught with “drama”?

Technology has transformed the process of growing up. An expert explains how to help girls in their “drama years”

They’re not the carefree years. They’re not the everything-is-awesome years. They are, as Haley Kilpatrick explains, the drama years. It’s that uniquely turbulent time in a girl’s life between childhood and adolescence, when friends become frenemies, when hormones run amok, when the pressures of school and activities ramp up, and Mom and Dad suddenly just don’t get it anymore. Welcome to middle school, kid.

Kilpatrick understands. While still in high school in her small town in Georgia, she founded the national peer mentoring organization Girl Talk, mostly as a means of helping her younger sister navigate the social minefield she herself had only just departed. With its emphasis on helping tween girls learn from teens who’ve survived their own drama years, Girl Talk now has chapters in 43 states and six countries.

But after a decade in the tween trenches, Kilpatrick (with the help of co-writer and former Salon.com contributor Whitney Joiner) is sharing the secret life of girls with the people who often seem the most blindsided by it – their parents and educators. “The Drama Years,” published this week by the Free Press, is a plainspoken set of dispatches from the front lines of tweenhood, culled from three years of interviews with girls around the country and framed in their own quirky, authentic voices.

For the rest of the article, go to: http://www.salon.com/2012/04/04/why_is_tweenhood_so_fraught_with_drama/ 


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