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Here is a good article from NPR debunking some of those myths about boosting your child’s IQ…. Read on to find out what really DOES make a difference.

Music, Multivitamins And Other Modern Intelligence Myths

January 22, 2013 1:08 PM

Teacher Denise Severing leads a math lesson at a Head Start school in Woodbourne, New York.

John Moore/Getty Images

Playing Mozart to young children will make them smarter, right?

Probably not. When it comes to media hype and intuitions about intelligence and early childhood, some skepticism is in order. A paper published just this month byJohn Protzko, Joshua Aronson and Clancy Blair at NYU reviews dozens of studies on a topic likely to be of interest to parents, educators, and policy-makers alike: what, if anything, one can do in the first five years of life to raise a child’s intelligence.

The authors…

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