How to Teach Yourself to Code: 7 Resources

Some interesting information on the importance of learning computer programming. Sacred Heart Middle School students learn coding in grades 5-8!

Coffee with Kath

Here is an article about women and girls learning to code. I wrote about this subject last month in a post called Girls Who Code. If you have any desire to learn how to code, put it on the top of your to-do list. Maris McEdward wrote the following article and she is the Marketing Manager of Code Fellows, a Code Bootcamp in Seattle for women only that guarantees you a $60,000 job upon graduation or your money back.

Maris provides 7 different websites to start teaching yourself the basics. If you like it, then look for a bootcamp that suits you. 

No CS degree? No problem. A Code Fellows insider offers scrappy suggestions on how women interested in getting into tech can teach themselves to code.

By Maris McEdward (Marketing Manager, Code Fellows)

Much ink has been spilled discussing the need for more women in technical roles. Studies by…

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