Technology and the classroom: Girls face greater challenges balancing digital learning with social lives

This article serves as a reminder of the importance of helping the girls manage their use of social media (Sacred Heart Goal V: personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom), while the school implements appropriate boundaries for the use of technology.

Sacred Heart Greenwich Middle School Faculty Blog

Mercury News

By Ana Homayoun

Posted:   05/28/2013 09:13:14 AM PDT

These days, prom season seems to be on steroids.

Each spring, high school girls search for the perfect prom dress. Instead of debuting it on prom night, girls create Facebook “prom dress page” groups to avoid the potential embarrassment of discovering someone else is wearing the same dress on prom night. The dress choices elicit a range of responses from supportive to just plain mean. Body image issues surface. It doesn’t take long for the groups to morph into nuanced, drama-filled competitions filled with exclusionary tactics (“Please don’t add any freshman or sophomores unless you know they are being asked!”) and manipulations that would make politicians squirm.

It might be tolerable if online drama only played out after school. Now, the already complex dynamics of girls’ friendships are even more complicated by increased technology in the classroom.

“I usually…

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