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25 Cool Things Kids Can Learn Online (for Free!)

Links, videos, and instructions for really fun family projects.

With summer in full swing, lots of kids (and parents) are going online for ideas to keep busy. At Common Sense Media, we’re partial to activities that are a little, well, different. We’ve rounded up 25 unique things you and your kids can learn online (for free!) by a) watching a video, b) following instructions, or c) reading about a subject.

Note: Many videos include an advertisement at the beginning, and some websites might link off to other topics or sites that might not be appropriate for your kids. We suggest previewing or watching along with your kids.

Our Daughter’s Voices

See below for information on a series of workshops, for daughters and parents, related to relational aggression held at Positive Directions in Westport, CT.

While much has been said about boys and bullying, the more subtle aggression that girls demonstrate is still a mystery. In a society, which does not encourage girls to exhibit anger in traditional ways, aggression expresses itself in many forms, including exclusion, whispered insinuations, rumors and manipulation. This schoolgirl cruelty often has lasting consequences for girls, following them from adolescence into young womanhood and adulthood.

Author Rachel Simmons put a name to this hidden culture of girls’ aggression in her best selling book ‘Odd Girl Out’, in which she addresses how this phenomenon diminishes our daughters’ self esteem and how families and schools are affected.

In response to the concerns parents have expressed about this behavior, Positive Directions offers a series of workshops entitled Our Daughters’ Voices.

During four interactive sessions, participants can expect to explore:

  • What is relational aggression;
  • The relationship between voice and self-esteem in girls;
  • Characteristics of a healthy friendship & maintaining authentic relationships;
  • Understanding the difference between friendship and popularity;
  • Effective ways to identify and communicate feelings;
  • The connection between relational aggression and risky behavior;
  • Effective techniques for listening without trying to control;
  • Being a role model for your daughter.

For information on the scheduling of Creating Lasting Family Connections; Our Daughters’ Voices and other Positive Directions’ workshops in your area, please call:

203-227-7644 ext. 127

About Positive Directions:

Since 1973, Positive Directions – The Center for Prevention & Recovery, has been reaching out to individuals, families and communities in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area, providing treatment, counseling and education programs focused on the prevention of and recovery from substance abuse and dependencies.

At Positive Directions, our caring and professional staff offer counseling, support and Intervention services for individuals and families seeking treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse & addiction, problem gambling and other addictive behaviors. For adolescents, we offer Youth Evaluation Services designed to provide counseling, referrals and support to adolescents and their families.

Positive Directions also offers prevention programs that promote positive parenting and the prevention of risky behavior by teens and young adults.

Positive Directions is a state licensed out-patient treatment center, and as an independent, non-profit and non-sectarian agency, Positive Directions guarantees client confidentiality and the promise that no one seeking help is turned away for lack of funds.

Girls Leadership Institute Summer Camp

Overview – GLI summer camp. This is the place where you can be real.  At GLI, you live in a dorm with roommates and spend your days in fun self-discovery workshops, playing wild theatre games, sharing stories in small groups, making films, playing sports, and enjoying evening activities like extreme scavenger hunt or mask making. Every three days, there’s a field trip to a high ropes course, lakeside, or arts event. Girls come away from GLI with the confidence to be themselves and build lasting friendships. GLI helps you gain skills to face the challenges life throws your way.

Want to learn more? Please check out our video, read the FAQs, look at the photos, and read what alumnae girls and parents have to say. Still have questions? Please call us at 866-744-9102 Ext 2. We will be happy to talk to you about GLI and put you in touch with an alumnae family.

GLI Summer 2013 will be at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA!

 for Summer 2013!

June 22, 2013 – July 12, 2013

Entering Grade 6: Session A (June 22, 2013 – July 2, 2013)
Entering Grade 6: Session B (July 2, 2013 – July 12, 2013)
Entering Grade 7
Entering Grade 8

July 15, 2013 – August 4, 2013

Entering Grade 9
Entering Grade 10, 11 or 12 — First time at GLI
Leadership for Life — For GLI alumni entering grades 10 – 12

Sacred Heart Greenwich Summer Enrichment Program

Our Summer Enrichment Program is offered to girls entering grades Preschool – Grade 12 in the fall. It provides students with engaging, hands-on learning experiences and offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Our goal is to stimulate curiosity and open young hearts and minds. Our learning sessions are all participatory and allow for creativity and collaborative work.

We offer programs in the following areas: music, dance, drama, athletics, arts & crafts, chess, vocabulary, creativity, yoga, fitness, Native American history, mosaics, clay, French language and culture, swimming, broadcast journalism, labyrinth design, computer programming, crochet, photography, journalism, field hockey, tennis, fun with DNA, canning and jam making, cooking, quilting, watercolors, robotics, soccer, basketball, astronomy, musical theater, lacrosse, volleyball, intro to the Middle School, creative writing, forensic DNA science, poverty – awareness and action, shadow a professional, non-fiction writing, service learning trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, online PSAT prep, online English.